Do you have eye wrinkles?  If so, have you looked into the various wrinkle treatments out there?  Eye creams can be a safe, painless way to treat eye wrinkles and other symptoms of aging around the eye area.  Here is an overview of various wrinkle treatments out there, along with pro’s and con’s for each.

  • Eye Creams:  eye creams are a topical solution marketed in many forms.  The best eye creams can be sold as a gel, serum, or cream, and generally this is a twice daily solution that is applied around and under the eye area.

Pro’s: Eye creams are inexpensive in comparison to other procedures, and when used as directed, they are quite powerful.  Eye Creams can be cool, refreshing, and effective in smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines.  They can reduce the appearance of eye wrinkles in a drastic fashion and even help the skin rejuvenate and look younger.

Con’s: If you go the eye cream route as part of your wrinkle treatment, you must be diligent about application of the eye creams.  You must stick with an eye cream and be faithful to using it.  If you can’t afford an eye cream each month, use the eye cream for one month, then take a month off.  Constant application of an eye cream is the best wrinkle treatment available when done properly, but it’s something that has to be applied as directed.

  • Botox: is an injection that works to relax the wrinkles on the face for up to six months.  One botox injection is so powerful that it doesn’t need to be re-applied very often and the effects are tremendous.

Pro’s: Botox works well to relax the facial muscles and treat wrinkles.

Con’s: Botox is painful and invasive.

Of course, the best wrinkle treatment is having a good idea of what factors cause wrinkles and doing your best to prevent them from occuring.