If you have surfed the Internet as much as most people in your quest to learn more about wrinkles and other skin impediments, odds are you have come across many far-fetched tales that just don’t seem right.  Many people do not understand wrinkles, and go about their business spewing information about wrinkles that just isn’t true.  Below are some common wrinkle myths, to set the record straight once and for all.

Myth #1:  Wrinkles can be removed with wrinkle creams!

Wrong!  While anti-wrinkle creams are AMAZING ways to treat wrinkles, they do not remove them.  With diligent, long-term use, a wrinkle cream can help reduce the appearance and treat the skin on the right levels to ensure they do not expand and become more apparent.  However, to say they can be eliminated completely is a blatant lie.  Do not buy from any company that makes such claims.

Myth #2:  Moisturizing the skin will ensure no wrinkles ever surface!

Wrong again!  While using a daily moisturizer is a great way to prevent wrinkles, it does not stop the many other elements out there that can have an impact on the skin’s ability to prevent wrinkles.  Smoking, habitual expressions, and of course, your roots, all play a big role in wrinkle formation.

Myth #3:  Men Don’t Use Wrinkle Creams!

Whoa!  Better check your stats if you believe that.  Many men are becoming aware of the need to look good for the ladies, and they certainly know the value of a good anti-wrinkle cream.

Myth #4:  Wrinkles Don’t Form if You Aren’t Exposed to the Sun!

This was actually a statement fromsomeone on a forum one time!  Someone said “you live in Boston, where there is very little sun.  You don’t need to worry about wrinkles.”  Wrinkles are formed by many more factors other than the sun, such as smoking and habitual expressions as mentioned earlier.

Myth #5:  All Wrinkle Creams are Created Equal!

Regardless as to what they tell you, not all wrinkle creams are created equal.  This isn’t to say that price defines how good a wrinkle cream is formulated, but it’s not necessary to spend a $1,000 on a wrinkle cream because it has caviar as an ingredient and is used by a model.  (There actually is one like that, if you haven’t heard!)  The best wrinkle creams are formulated with ingredients such as retinol, matrixyl, fruit extracts, and hyaluronic acid, among many other ingredients.  Furthermore, the best wrinkle creams don’t make absurd claims and tell their customers what to expect.  Look for anti-wrinkle creams that are reviewed well by consumers, have ingredients with clinical data you can understand, and go the extra mile to help you out from a customer service standpoint.

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