Vichy Oligo 25 Eye Stick

Vichy Oligo 25 Eyes Anti-Fatigue Cooling Effect Stick is one of the easiest products to use that allows you to apply the entire product to the under eye area, reducing the signs of fatigue including bags under the eyes and dark circles, without wasting any. The easy to use stick system allows the user to carry the product anywhere and easily use it on the run when the skin under the eyes need the pick me up of the instant cooling sensation which occurs throughout the eye area after the product has been applied.

Recommended for use through the area of the lower lid, Vichy Oligo 25 Eyes Anti-Fatigue Cooling Effect Stick can reduce swelling and puffiness that can cause dark circles but other products are required for the upper lid area and other area which are not targeted with this stick.

Benefits of Using Vichy Oligo 25 Eyes Anti-Fatigue Cooling Effect Stick:

•    Moments after the product is applied to the skin, a cooling sensation can be felt which will provide instant relief to swollen and tired eyes. It can be used any time of day that the user requires a pick me up and the instant cooling sensation that comes with the stick.

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