Vichy NeOvadiol Contours for Lips and Eyes

Vichy NeOvadiol Contours for Lips and Eyes contains effective concentrated ingredients which can help to increase the tone within the skin after only six weeks of use. The versatile product can be used throughout the eye area to provide a rejuvenated appearance through the skin of the eye and creating definition throughout the skin on the lip, both of which areas are prone to losing definition with age.

There is a very small amount which is present in each package of the product. Although only a small amount is necessary in order to be effective, it can be cumbersome to the beauty budget to have to purchase new products consistently.

Benefits of Using Vichy NeOvadiol Contours for Lips and Eyes:

•    Immediate results can be seen through smoother skin after the product has been applied, which can help to reduce the appearance of lines on the face

•    Full results can be seen after six weeks with the visible reduction in the amount and the depth of lines which are on the surface of the skin.

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