Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eyes

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eyes De-puffing & Fortifying Soothing Hydro gel contains ingredients which can soothe even the driest of skin throughout the eye area without upsetting the balance of the delicate skin around the eye. Through the use of the product, not only can moisture become infused within the eye area, but puffiness that occurs throughout the lower eye lid can become drastically reduced through the moisture which is infuse deep within the layers of the skin.

Ingredients like extracts from beets are used to de puff the under eye area, reducing the appearance of bags and dark circles immediately after the product has been applied. As an added bonus, the gel is cool to the touch and provides soothing relief to tired eyes once applied.
Benefits of Using Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eyes De-puffing & Fortifying Soothing Hydro gel:

•    An intensive moisture can be provided to the skin around the eye through the use of hydrating ingredients which are meant to create high levels of moisture.

•    Even the most dehydrated of skin can benefit from the formula which contains high levels of moisture rich ingredients. Through the use of these ingredients, the hyrdro gel has been formulated for skin that is extremely dry and showing the signs of aging that can be caused by a lack of moisture.

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