Suis Herbal Eye Salve

Certified organic ingredients including hemp seed oil and virgin olive oil are combined with comfrey to provide a healing salve that can provide the delicate skin around the eye with a high level of moisture which is required in order to reduce the dryness around the eyes which can lead to the appearance of fine lines.

The organic skin cream contains all natural ingredients which can be effective in providing moisture to the skin that has not yet been affected by wrinkles and fine lines, but the salve may not be effective for reducing the signs of damage which may have previously occurred within the skin and therefore many individuals seek a more effective salve which uses a combination of wrinkle fighting ingredients with high moisturizing abilities.

Benefits of using Suis Herbal Eye Salve:

• A salve that can be used around the eyes as well as around the lips is an effective way to reduce the products which are used on the face and reducing the exposure of ingredients which are used in other chemically composed eye creams
• The natural ingredients which are used will not cause an adverse reaction with the skin – even in the most sensitive of skin types

Salves are a great way to add moisture into the skin before damage has occured, but if you are looking for an eye serum which can reduce the signs of damage, try Elite Serum.

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