Sekkisei Eye Cream

Sekkisei Eye Cream

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Sekkisei Eye Cream contains an array of highly concentrated ingredients which are used to create a rejuvenated appearance throughout the eye area as fine lines and wrinkles can become reduced through regular use and dark circles can be eradicated.

Coix seed and white tea extract are used in combination with licorice extract to reduce and protect against future damage from the elements, reduce the dark circles that occur throughout the eye area and protect against the dryness that can occur through the eye area, leading to dark circles under the eyes as well as sagging throughout the upper lid of the eye.

As a drawback to choosing Sekkisei Eye Cream, many users have found that the moisture levels which are present are not high enough and therefore a nourishing cream is also necessary to implement within the skin care routine.

Benefits of Using Sekkisei Eye Cream:

•    Sekkisei Eye Cream is one of the very few eye creams that uses natural ingredients in such potency to reduce the damage associated with sun exposure. Each time that the cream is applied to the skin, sun damage is reduced and the skin is further protected from damage that may occur in the future.

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  1. I was really excited to try this product as it came highly recommended. It worked alright for my dark circles but didn’t do anything for the fine lines or crows feet I started to see over the past few years. I’ve honestly had better results with other products.

    • Kim,
      What have you had better luck with? I’ve also tired Sekkisei and wasn’t happy. Let me know and where I can find it!

      • Hey Stephanie,
        The product I’ve had the best luck with is Elite Serum. It took care of my dark circles, crows feet, and gave my skin a much firmer feel. I love it and will never use to anything else! Go to to order. You won’t be disappointed!

  2. I purchased this product on a whim because it was said to have natural ingredients. I’m sure it does but I’m not sure how much it mattered. It worked OK with the circles under my eyes but didn’t really show any significant improvement. I also felt that my skin dried out after about 3 to 4 hours which made it a necessity to purchase a moisturizer on top of this cream. I didn’t really find it worth the value.

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