Professional DCX Dark Circle Serum

One year update on what was one of the best dark circle eye creams on the market!

We’ve been fans of any product that gets rid of dark circles, and we’ve been tracking products that claim to get rid of dark circles for good.  We posted this review of the DCX Dark Circle Serum exactly one year ago, and it did very well at first for our liking, but then came the Wrinkle System version that blew this product away.

Anyways, scroll down, so you can read our review we posted a year ago, as well as a little update at the end explaining what we think is the main difference between the two products.

Dark under eye circles become common as we age and therefore products like Professional Solutions DCX Circle under-eye Serum have been created to reduce the darkness that occurs in the lower eye area, that has been designed for skin that has matured and requires the nutrients to reduce the skin pigmentation changes which are associated with aging.

Active ingredients which are used in the formulations include: rice peptides, yeast protein, Hyaluronic acid, and seaweed extract and soy peptides. This combination of ingredients can be effective in reducing the dark under eye circles associated with aging.

A drawback to this eye cream is the fact that it has been solely created for mature skin, (Wrinkle System’s product is for all skin types and ages) rather than using ingredients and components which can reduce the chances of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as dark under eye circles which can occur in the skin.

The Benefits of Using Professional Solutions DCX Dark Circle under Eye Serum:

• The reduction of dark circles and puffiness within the eye area has been seen in nearly half of the individuals that completed a trial of eight weeks of DCX Dark Circle under eye serum.
• The formulation provides protection against free radicals which can not only lead to aging skin but that can lead to moisture becoming depleted from the skin, worsening the appearance of aging skin.

UPDATE: we went head to head with the Dark Circle Serum by Wrinkle System.  They have very similar ingredients, but there must be some different concentrations as the Dark Circle Serum performed better in our testing.  Not to knock this eye product, but for our money, the Wrinkle System product outperformed.

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