Philosophy Dark Shadows

Philosophy Dark Shadows is a silicone based product which can cause the skin to reflect light, reducing the appearance of dark circles which can occur throughout the eye area. These dark circles can appear immediately reduced after the cream has been applied to the eye area as the technology within the cream diffuses the light that reaches the skin, rather than causing a reflection to occur which can cause dark circles to appear more prominent.
Although effective, there are some customers that found there was a slight tingle when the product was applied to the eye area. Those with highly sensitive skin may find that another product would be best suited to the skin type in order to reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles.
Benefits of Using Philosophy Dark Shadows:
•    As well as applying to the eye area, the formula can also be applied to the upper lip area, reducing discoloration that may occur through this area of the face. Versatility is a bonus in products like this.

•    Philosophy Dark Shadows can be easily used under makeup, or even with other products as it absorbs quickly into the skin, reducing the appearance of the dark circles.

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