Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Rescue

Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Rescue can reduce the bruising under the eye area that can lead to the appearance of dark under eye circles. Through the use of ingredients that can help to energize the skin and allow the moisture to become infused into the dry under eye area, bruising that appears as dark circles as a result of surgery, rubbing the skin and even allergies and late nights can easily be improved through application of the eye rescue formula.

As a drawback, the concentrated amounts of vitamin C which are used within the eye rescue formula can be found within other products available, at lower prices. Unfortunately, one hundred dollars per half ounce of the eye rescue serum is not suitable for some budgets and therefore choosing other creams which can have similar results is necessary for some.

Benefits of Using Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Rescue:

•    The concentrations of vitamins which are used within the eye rescue cream are an effective way to boost the color within the skin and reduce the discoloration that comes from bruising

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