Peter Thomas Roth Eye Overhaul Duo

Peter Thomas Roth Eye Overhaul Duo is a precise product that can target the signs of aging and has specific formulations within the product which are suitable for day, as well as night. Through the innovative packaging, consumers can have access to two essential products within the beauty routine that can effectively delay as well as treat the signs of aging that have begun to occur within the skin.

The concentrated ingredients which are used within the formula can literally combat all of the signs of aging. From reducing the appearance of crow’s feet and other types of fine lines that occur through the eye area, while ensuring that the moisture levels within the skin are maintained, there are effective ways within this eye overhaul to completely change the appearance of the skin around the eye through regular use.

The gel which is designed for night use repairs, while the cream that is designed for daytime use is able to protect the skin. In the case that you are seeking deep stimulation for the reduction of wrinkles, this cream is not appropriate – rather, better used as a preventative measure for those with minimal signs of aging.

Benefits of Using Peter Thomas Roth Eye Overhaul Duo:

•    A sun protection factor of thirty has been included in the eye cream to further protect the eye skin and surrounding area from damage that may occur while the skin is exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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