Perfekt Beauty Eye Perfection Gel

Perfekt Beauty Eye Perfection Gel is used to tint the under eye area and brighten the total eye area through the color or tint that is chosen. The gel is light and can be applied under other skin care products but can be used alone to replace concealer, as the tinted moisturizer can be applied to the area to reflect the light which reaches the eye area, causing the overall skin to appear brighter.

Puffiness throughout the eye area is soothed through the cucumber extracts which are found in the formula. The gel is easy to apply with the use of the tube, and a small amount which is placed on the finger. The oil free formulation is an effective way to provide the skin with the brightness that it needs, without adding oil into the skin – which is perfect for skin that tends to be prone to breakouts and oiliness.

As a drawback to using this type of product, it masks the wrinkles and dark circles, as opposed to treating the fine lines and dark circles around the eye area.

Benefits of Using Perfekt Beauty Eye Perfection Gel:

· Perfekt Beauty Eye Perfection Gel applies easily to the skin through the use of the tube which makes it easy to apply.

· There are a variety of other products within the skin care lineup which can be combined to create an effective skin care routine.

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