Patricia Wexler Instant Line Filler

Patricia Wexler Instant Line Filler

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Patricia Wexler No Injection Instant Line Filler for Eyes and Lips is a quick acting formulation that can help to fill in those lines throughout the eye area, through continued use. Once the product has been used for a period of eight weeks, there can be results seen within the skin through the reduction of wrinkles, even crow’s feet.

As a drawback to using this formulation, the cream can go on the skin thick and appear greasy. Throughout the thickness and the moisture abilities of the cream, most users have found that this cream is better used as part of the night-time skin care regimen, as it can be difficult to layer products on top of the instant line filler. As well, the product must be used for a significant period of time before results are seen.

Benefits of Using Patricia Wexler No Injection Instant Line Filler for Eyes and Lips:

•    The product is suitable for all skin types. Even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the results that come from the instant filling actions of lines throughout the eye area.

•    The versatile product can be used to eradicate both the lines around the eyes, as well as the fine lines that occur throughout the lip area due to dryness.

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  1. Best eye cream for 18 yr old? I’m looking for a standard sort of eye cream that is anti-aging. Something you can buy from the drug store, nothing too terribly fancy. Most of the eye creams that I’ve read reviews on from MakeUpAlley are all anti-wrinkle, helps dark circles, etc. etc. They’re specifically formulated to fix certain problems. I don’t have any of those problems around my eyes (yet) and so I’m really just looking for something to add to my skin care routine that would prevent or lessen the effects of those problems.Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your help!Oh p.s. I’ve tried only one eye cream, it was like L’oreal Genesis Preventive whatever. It was awful; irritated my eyes and made my eyelids shrink.I normally don’t have that sensitive of skin though, just as a reference.

  2. If I wanted a moisturizing creme, I’d just use a regular face lotion. It really irritated my skin. It’s like my skin over reacted to the greasiness of the product. It’s really thick and I didn’t get results fast enough for how much I paid for it.

  3. I disagree with Blanche. I guess it did have some effect but I hated the smell and the texture. It wasn’t what I was hoping for. It was almost slimy.

  4. I didn’t see results quickly. It was more like just a moisturizing cream than anything else. I have very sensitive skin so the greasy effect the cream left made me break out around my mouth. I am not a fan.

  5. I’m 51 and hate the lines appearing around my mouth! This line filler is a great fix! I just used my fist tube and I’m ordering another. It’s better than Botox

  6. The de-puffer is good. I saw results quickly.

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