Olay Regenerist Firming Eye Serum

Olay is a large player in the skin care market, and it’s hard to ignore their massive advertising campaign.   The Olay Regenerist line of products  offers a firming eye serum that states you will “notice a complete turnaround in 24 days and all around eye firming, smoothing, and brightening.”  This is a product directed for retail consumers with a price point of $24.99.  While the price point if comfortable for most people, one fact about Olay is not that comfortable for some:  the product is tested on animals.  While that may scare some people away, it’s also worth noting that there is a lack of solid clinical research with this product.

Benefits of Olay Regenerist Firming Eye Serum

  • The Olay name brand has been around for 50+ years
  • Affordable price point

However, if the price point falls in your wheelhouse and you are looking for a name brand, look no further than Olay.

Positives about Olay Regenerist

  • Grade A from industry authority EyeCream.com
  • “Best Eye Cream” by BestEyeCream.com
  • #1 Eye Serum and score of 99/100 by EyeSerum.com
  • A+ Grade by Best Eye Creams

Benefits of Elite Serum:

  • Exclusive formula including clinically-tested ingredients such as Argirelene, Eyeliss, and Haloxyl.
  • Acai berry extract and resveratrol add antioxidant value.
  • Endorsed by many anti-aging authority websites.

Elite Serum is an under-eye application that like other eye creams, eye serums, and eye gels, helps to alleviate and reduce the appearance of the many signs of aging, such as dark circles under the eyes, eye wrinkles, skin discoloration, puffy eyes, and under-eye bags.  When used twice daily for thirty days, it’s guaranteed to leave the skin looking younger.  The Elite Cream has been receiving rave reviews all over the Internet, and is recommended for daily use for anyone age 25 or over who wants to treat the signs of aging and prevent future skin damage under the eyes.

If you are serious about looking younger, and want to successfully treat the skin under your eyes, Elite Serum is the best product to add to your daily anti-aging regimen.  No questions about it.

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