Many companies are starting to manufacture eye creams that are targeted for use in different times of the day.  Night eye creams are becoming a popular eye cream to use during the evening.  But what makes a night eye cream different from a day eye cream?

The first major difference you will see between the two eye creams is that a day eye cream will have SPF in it.  Of course, this is obvious, as the sun is not shining on your eyes during the evening hours.  It makes no sense to have SPF in a night eye cream, as it’s just an additional ingredient and chemical that isn’t necessary.  Most good night creams have retinol in their formula. Retinol is a great ingredient that works to improve skin texture while reducing  the look of freckles and even dark circles.

Retinol is formulated in most night eye creams for this reason.  It’s best to use it at night, as it has little daytime value.

Do you use a night eye cream?  If not, it may be one part of your skin care regimen you may want to review.