There are three basic anti-wrinkle creams that skin care insiders suggest you use together in order to have a firm grip on the skin’s wrinkles and make sure you age in the best manner possible. There are two anti-wrinkle products that people often talk about in depth.

* Eye Creams. The basis of this website, eye creams need no introduction. They are applied to the skin under the eyes and used to treat the symptoms of aging that appear on the skin and make us look older.
* Anti-Wrinkle Creams. Generally applied to the entire face and even the forehead, the best anti-wrinkle creams are formulated with clinically-tested ingredients such as matrixyl and matriyxl 3000. They can reduce the appearance of wrinkles within thirty days on most occasions, and work well when used in tandem with an eye cream.

Those two anti-wrinkle creams are the two that most people pay attention to the most. However, there is one important area of the body that does not get the proper attention it deserves. That area is the neck & chest area. Also called the “V-Zone” or the “Decollete area.”  This area requires just as much attention as the face and eye area, and it needs to be treated daily with the best neck cream you can find.

Most people overlook applying a treatment to this sensitive area of the skin. Unless they have extra moisturizer that did not absorb into their face, most people rarely apply an exfoliating scrub or moisturizer. However, if you take a closer look at the neck area, you are most likely going to see damage. The neck and décolleté area shows your age quite fast, as wrinkles and fine lines are magnified in this area of the body. However, as most people look directly into their eyes when they approach a mirror, the neck area is often overlooked. In women especially, this area is exposed when a V-neck shirt is worn. Many women pay attention to their faces and their under-eye area, but they do not acknowledge the importance of using a neck cream to help even out the skin on the upper body.

Keep in mind that the neck muscle (called the Platysma) is not connected to a bone structure and is prone to lose elasticity. This muscle also contains a miniscule amount of fatty tissue and has less sebaceous glands than on the face. The lack of sebaceous glands can lead to wrinkle formation and is often linked to dry skin. For this reason, the neck & upper chest area needs to be treated daily with a solid neck cream. This area may go ignored when you are wearing a sweater or a jacket, but there is no hiding the precious neck and chest area when you are wearing more revealing clothing, or taking in the sun on your favorite beach.

To successfully complete a solid anti-aging regimen and be fully moisturized, a neck cream is a great addition to any skin care routine.

Think about it this way…..most of you spend hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, on your face.  The moment you show off your upper chest and neck area, whether it’s when you wear a v-neck or a bikini, you show off your true age.  Using a neck & upper chest cream can effectively treat this area and leave your neck skin tight and strong.

We aren’t in the business of reviewing neck creams, but we were intrigued at the new Age Defying System by EliteSkin.  This anti aging system of products features a wrinkle cream, eye cream, and a neck cream, called V-Covery.  This cream is formulated with the same scientific ingredients (and a whole bunch more) as the popular Elite Serum.  It’s worth pointing out that they are offered together in that system at the Official Website of EliteSkin.  Remember that if you follow that link, use the “save5” code at checkout to unlock your discount for being an reader.

For more information on this neck cream, and a comparison to another popular neck cream, I’ve found a link to a good source for information on finding the best neck cream.  Y0u can use that to read a better review of the V-Covery cream.