Menscience Eye Rescue Formula

There are very few products for men that are available that can allow the skin to become nourished, through a quick skin care routine.

Menscience can be used throughout the eye area to rescue the skin from dryness and create a high level of moisture through the day to protect the skin while offsetting the damage from fine lines. Men that have used the eye rescue formula are impressed with the light formula that is used to create the eye rescue serum, which can be applied to the eye area with ease. These formulas can be used to reduce the fine lines, without leaving a high level of residue on the skin around the eyes.

There are ingredients which are used within the serum that can help to exfoliate the skin and increase the blood flow to the areas under the skin, leading to moisture which can be easily created. Although effective, these exfoliants may be too harsh for some skin types and can leave the skin susceptible to irritation.

The Benefits of Using Menscience Eye Rescue Formula:

• Deep cleansing action that occurs within the eye rescue formula can help to reduce fine lines in the skin and reduce the toxins and buildup that can lead to premature aging.

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