Laura Mercier Renewal Eye Creme

Emollients are used to refine the skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles throughout the surface of the skin. Through the ingredients like hyaluronate and mango butter, the skin is provided with an intense form of hydration that also has the power to lock the moisture barrier and ensure that this moisture remains where it belongs, within the delicate skin around the eye. Through the process, the lipid barrier within the skin is repaired and the skin can appear healthier and younger.

The main drawback to using this product is the combination of ingredients, which may not be suitable for sensitive skin. Those with sensitive skin might want to choose a softer, more sensitive product that contains ingredients that have not been associated with common sensitivities.

Benefits of Using Laura Mercier Night Nutrition Renewal Eye Crème

•    Ingredients are used to protect against free radical damage, which can cause the skin to appear as if it has aged prematurely. To reduce the free radical damage, we must eradicate the free radicals from the skin, something that Laura Mercier Night Nutrition Renewal Eye Crème is highly effective at.

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