Lancome High Resolution Eye Collaser – 5X

Lancome High Resolution Eye Collaser – 5X

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Lancôme High Resolution Eye Collaser – 5X is a firming agent that is applied to the skin under the eyes to reduce the instance of sagging skin and dark circles which can cause one to appear aged. Through the use of effective and concentrated ingredients, there are results which can be seen and felt from the moment the serum is applied to the skin under the eye.

As a drawback to choosing Lancôme High Resolution Eye Collaser – 5X, it is not attainable within many people’s skin care budget, as the high end cream comes with a high-end price and is available though most department stores.

Benefits of Using Lancôme High Resolution Eye Collaser – 5X:

•    There is an instant firming feeling once the product has been applied to the under eye area. There are very few other eye treatments in which the user can feel the products becoming effective after they are applied; this is one of those products.

•    Puffiness throughout the under eye area can easily be removed through this product, which tightens the skin – without causing the skin to appear and feel dry after the product has been applied.

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  1. Works great but is too expensive. I recieved the product as a gift and was thrilled because I heard so many good things about it! Unfortunately when I went to Macy’s to get more and I realized how expensive it was, I went online to Amazon and it was still $150! There must be a better way!

  2. This product works OK but it is stupid expensive. I’m looking for an option that is both effective and affordable. There is no way I could afford to use this long term!

  3. I really liked the smell and texture of this product but it is quite pricey. If you can afford it, it works well but I’m not sure it’s worth them money. I do like the fact that it has the instant firming feeling. I’m just not sure I can swing the price tag!

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