Kose Eye Serum Mask

Kose Eye Serum mask promises to lighten the dark circles that may have occurred under the eyes and therefore improve the look of skin while taking years from the appearance and age of the individual.

It is recommended that the mask be used each night to obtain the best results. They are easy to use nightly as most packages come with eighteen masks that can be applied easily to the skin to reduce redness, soothe skin and infuse the skin around the eye with moisture and antioxidants.

The active ingredient in the eye mask is Q10 which has the ability to boost the antioxidant properties in the skin and cause the skin to appear firmer. Despite the mask being easy to use, it is difficult for the active ingredients within the mask to go through the skin, despite the fact that the second active ingredient is glycerin, which can cause sensitivities in the skin for many women.

The benefits of Kose Eye Serum Mask

* The mask papers are easy to use therefore can be used on the go while traveling as well as those that have not developed a skin care routine

* They are easily disposable and well priced to ensure that everyone is able to afford proper skin care for around the eye.

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