Korres Materia Herba Eye Cream

Korres Materia Herba Moisturizing Eye Cream Anti-Dark Circles contains antioxidants, moisturizers and formulas that can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines through the outer layer of the surfaces. Through an effective ingredient combination, Korres Materia Herba Moisturizing Eye Cream Anti-Dark Circles does everything that is promises in reducing the dark circles under the eye, but is best when used as a preventative treatment as it can be used to avoid dark circles from forming throughout the eye area.

What ingredients are used that make the eye cream effective in moisturizing the skin to prevent the dark circles that can come from age and a lack of hydration?  Natural ingredients including Shea butter which can be an effective way to moisturize the skin, hydrating to the inner layers of the skin, sunflower oil is used within the formula to create an effective hydration system and a special combination of natural herbs are used to ensure that the formula is free from harsh chemicals which can actually lead to dryness within the skin, rather than promoting the moisture which is required to eradicate the swelling, dark circles and fine lines through the eye area.

Benefits of Using Korres Materia Herba Moisturizing Eye Cream Anti-Dark Circles:

•    Natural ingredients are used in the combination to increase the effectiveness of the eye cream without causing any adverse reactions within the skin.

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