Keys Soap Eye Butter

No other eye butters use the secret ingredient of distilled natural cucumbers within the eye butter to promote healthy healing of the skin and high moisture levels. The cucumbers that are used within the natural ingredients are an effective way to tighten and tone the skin around the eye and create a natural look of youth. The ingredients are also used to tone the color of the skin, reducing the abnormal pigmentations which may occur within the skin through a period of time. Through this ingredient, as well as Shea butter which is used to infuse moisture into the skin, the ingredients create a well rounded eye moisturizer.

Although the price is right when it comes to using this type of eye butter, it is important to realize that the natural ingredients are often not as effective as other types of ingredients which exist in various other complexes and therefore some may choose to use a different type of eye protection cream or serum to gain faster results.

Benefits to Using Keys Soap Eye Butter:

• Keys soap eye butter is completely hypoallergenic and sensitive on the skin making it a great formula for those with skin that is prone to flare ups from allergies and introduction to new products
• The Shea butter used in the formulation has the highest grade of fatty acids which can be used to infuse a high level of moisture into the skin immediately after use.

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