Karen’s Botanicals Rosehip Eye Cream

Karen’s Botanicals Enriching Rosehip Eye Cream uses a combination of natural ingredients combined with rosehip extract which can provide a high level of moisture to the eye area, especially formulated for those individuals that require a higher level of moisture within the skin that can be found in the concentrated moisture which is perfect for drying and aging skin which is beginning to lose its elasticity.

Gamma acids are used to create the formulas which can provide an effective to moisturize the skin while creating a toned eye area and can also lead to the reduction of wrinkles within the skin. These acids are found in ingredients such as borage seed and primrose oil. Although the all natural ingredients are used within the formulation to help offset premature aging, there are many individuals that have reached to the latter ingredients; therefore those with a high level of skin sensitivity should choose a product without primrose oil.

Benefits of Karen’s Botanicals Enriching Rosehip Eye Cream:

• Sea buckthorn is an ingredient which is found in specially in this product and has been known for decades to improve the state of skin that has been damaged by radiation – thereby offsetting the damage which is done to the skin through the use of this skin cream.

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