Gourmet Body Treats Eyebright Eye Cream

Gourmet Body Treats Eyebright Eye Cream is one of the safest eye creams that is available to people that are seeking to protect the delicate skin around their eyes. The combination of Shea butter, essential oils, sunflower oil and green tea extract are effective ingredients that can increase the firmness of the skin of the eye.

This eye cream is best suited for skin that needs intensive moisturizing treatments, or skin that has been matured and succumbed to the signs of aging, this eye cream is an effective way to stimulate the production of new moisture within the skin. Shea butter is the effective ingredient that can provide a high level of moisture to the skin,  without appearing heavy on the skin.

Organic eyebright extract is an effective ingredient that is used through the formulation to give the results that can be seen from intensive moisture to the reduction of puffiness and redness that can occur through the eye area, literally brightening the skin that is around the eye with regular use.

The Benefits of Using Gourmet Body Treats Eyebright Eye Cream:

• The all natural ingredients which are used in the formulation for Eyebright Eye Cream will not irritate even the most sensitive of skin.

See how the Gourmet Body treats eye cream stacks up vs. the best anti-wrinkle cream.

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