It’s hard to ignore the many innovations that are happening in the skin care industry.  One of the movements in the industry is that all of a sudden there are a brands using gold as an active ingredient in their skin care products, even eye treatments.  While many consumers are talking about this “new breakthrough,” gold is actually an ingredient that has been around for quite some time.  Dating back to Cleopatra, it’s been used in facial treatments as well as many of the top spa treatments found at high quality spa’s today.  Here is a closer look at the impact of gold and it’s potential benefits for your skin.

Gold is often used in facials at spa's, but is not used in skin care products.

Gold is often used in facials at spa's, but is now being used in many of the leading skin care products, even eye products that treat dark circles.

Used for centuries to maintain a timeless look of youthful skin in royalty, gold is becoming mainstream in skin care products that are designed for everyday men and women trying to preserve the youthful elements of their own skin. Gold has been effective at reducing the signs of aging through the skin, creating youthful appearing skin that has a glow through the surface and reducing sagging and other common signs of aging.

One of the most positive effects that are demonstrated from skin care products that contain elements of gold through the ingredients is the ability of the skin care products to reduce the free radicals that can be found through the skin cells.

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are organic cells within the body seeking to bond with other cells. Although this may not be an issue in most cases, the free radical cells that bond with the other cells through the body can impact the function of the cells that they are bonding with. This can lead to the degradation of the cells causing the cells to lose their vigor and lose their function.

The important thing to remember is that free radicals are unstable cells and therefore it is important to take measures to reduce the instance of free radicals within the body, especially through the cells of the skin.

How is the skin exposed to free radicals? Through the toxins that our skin is exposed to on a daily basis and the natural processes of the skin, free radicals are formed throughout the skin cells. Free radicals are cells that can not only cause the skin to appear aged prematurely but can also cause the skin to become more susceptible to certain types of cancers.

Free radicals are found within the toxins in our everyday environments and can be increased through pollution, urban smog, cigarette smoke and even poisons within the environment that the skin may be exposed to. Unfortunately, since the majority of people live in a city environment they are exposed to these elements every single day.

Using gold to reduce the instance of free radicals through the skin cells not only protects the skin against premature aging but also illnesses that can be caused from an increase of free radicals through the body.

Gold is a powerful form of antioxidant when applied to the surface layer of the skin and antioxidants are the most effective way to combat free radicals throughout the cells. Combined with other antioxidants through the skin care products, gold can be an effective way to combat the free radicals within the skin, reducing the damage that occurs through the skin and therefore reducing the signs of aging that is caused by the occurrence of free radicals.

In the very near future, you will be able to see some of the gold eye care products reviewed here in our eye cream review database.