Garden of Eve Replenish Eye Cream

Garden of Eve Replenish Eye Cream comes in a fantastic gold and shiny small pot of eye cream that can really do wonders for toning the area around the eye with the combination of ingredients that including coconut and macadamia nut oils, organic essential oils and beeswax. The cream can give the skin the moisture that it needs to gain the lift that can come with youth and therefore is a great way to provide your skin with the moisture that it requires.

The eye cream is glycerin based, as a drawback, which may cause the cream to become oily after it has been applied to the skin. The eye-cream is not advised for those that are prone to oily skin for this reason as it can cause to have the dreaded shine that can come with excess oil production.

The Benefits of Garden of Eve Replenish Eye Cream:

• The formula is unscented and perfect for those with sensitive skin that need to search for fragrance free products which often contain alcohol and can dry the skin, offsetting the effects of the moisturizing ingredient.

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