Fresh Repair & Restore Eye Balm

Fresh Repair & Restore Eye Balm for Mature skin contains ingredients which are used to revitalize the appearance of the skin through restorative properties contained in cucumber and green tea extract. Through these ingredients, the eye area can appear fresh, restored and youthful while the appearance of fine lines is reduced through ingredients like Iris Root and Borage Oil.

For mature skin, this is a quick fix that can give the skin the instant lift of energized formulas. Through the use of this product, an instant result can be seen – but other products have been more effective in reducing the signs of aging which have already occurred through the skin. Although targeted for mature skin, there are a variety of women that can use this formula with success.

Benefits of Using Fresh Repair & Restore Eye Balm for Mature Skin:

•    As a product designed and targeted for use within mature skin – the formulation is effective in providing a high level of moisture to the eye area while protecting against future dryness which can lead to the development of the signs of aging.

•    Not only does the serum restore the moisture levels around the dry areas of the eye, it can also help to protect against future damage. Therefore, one of the most versatile products available for mature skin – it has become very popular

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