Fresh Lotus Eye Gel


Fresh lotus eye gel is one of the quickest acting eye gels which is meant for use on the face, as it seems to become activated to resolve red and puffy eyes from the moment that is applied to the skin. Unlike many other eye gels which remain on the surface, Fresh Lotus eye gel absorbs directly and immediately into the skin, reducing red and puffy eyes.

Lotus extract is one of the key ingredients in the eye gel that is used to reduce puffiness, as the extract is a natural anti-inflammatory and can be used to immediately reduce the swelling that can occur under the eye.

As the gel is weightless and absorbs immediately into the skin, it can be difficult to tell which areas have been treated and therefore excessive amounts of the gel can be easily used through the treatment of the eye areas.

The Benefits of Fresh Lotus Eye Gel

• The natural and botanical ingredients that are used within the eye gel are an effective way to tone the skin, from the inner layers as the gel becomes absorbed into the skin

• The main ingredients, Lotus flower extract is a natural anti-inflammatory which can instantly reduce the puffiness that occurs under the eyes.

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