Fresh Lotus Eye Gel

Fresh Lotus Eye Gel uses a combination of natural and botanical ingredients to soothe the skin under the eyes and reduce the puffiness that can lead to fine lines. The natural ingredients that are used to soothe the eye area are effective for skin that is tired, fatigued and even skin that has begun to develop the decreased moisture levels which are associated with age. Natural ingredients are appropriate for those with sensitive skin, as the ingredients in the formula can cause very few reactions.

As a drawback to using the eye gel the formula seems to absorb instantly into the skin and therefore the skin does not feel one hundred percent moisturized from the formula, therefore another type of moisturizer which is meant to be used around the eye area must be used in order to gain the benefits of a protective skin regimen for the delicate eye area.

Benefits of using Fresh Lotus Eye Gel:

•    With ingredients like Gingko Biloba, the skin is encouraged to gain blood flow which can reduce the puffiness throughout the bottom lid of the eye. This is an effective way to reduce swelling and irritation that can be seen in this area.

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