If you read the page about eye serums, you already can guess what we are going to explain to you on this page.  There is virtually no difference, (other than viscosity some may say) between eye serums, eye creams, and eye gels.  If you are looking at an eye gel and it talks about treating the following signs of aging, chances are there is a product with the same ingredient concentrations marketed as a serum or cream.

*Reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles

*Reduce the appearance of sunspots and hyper pigmentation

*Eliminate dark circles under the eyes

*Serve as a compliment to an overall anti-aging regimen

Eye “gel” sounds like a clear, sticky, liquid product.  In some cases, it may be.  In others, it may appear to be like a lotion or the more medicinal-sounding serum.  Don’t let the words gel, serum, and cream confuse you.  They are all marketing strategies companies use to sell you more than one product.  If they area geared to do the same thing, why do you need more than one?

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