Elemis Absolute Eye Serum


Gentle but effective ingredients are the key to this eye serum which can help to increase the appearance of radiant skin, regardless of the damage that has been completed to the skin and the time that has passed. Natural ingredients which are used in the serum include; lavender, comfrey and rosewood which are all effective in reducing puffiness around the eyes which can worsen the appearance of fine lines. Through these comforting ingredients, the eye serum is able to improve the look of the skin, reducing the under eye circles that have developed.

The drawback to choosing elemis eye serum is the fact that the product is an expensive choice for the small amount that is presented in the bottle. It can be over fifty dollars for fifteen Ml. Although this is a concentrated formula, it is recommended for daily use and can therefore become expensive when used as a daily treatment for the skin around the eyes.

The Benefits of Elemis Eye Serum:

  • The versatile cream can also be used in conjunction with other products, like with the weekly eye mask to reduce wrinkles and redness that occurs through the eye area.
  • The formula contains ingredients which can immediately cool the area of the eye and reduce the redness which appears.

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