Dermalogica Total Eye Care

Dermalogica Total eye care works in four ways to protect the skin around the eyes from aging, these include; providing sun protection from UV rays which can damage and dry the skin, minimizing the dark circles which are present under the eyes, reducing the puffiness that can occur throughout the eye and providing a firmer texture to the skin of the eye which can help to reduce the fine lines, sagging skin and dark circles which have come to be associated with aging.

As the key ingredient in the formulation is Alpha Hydroxy, results can be seen that can help to effectively reduce the fine lines which are associated with aging. This can also help to increase the moisture that is retained within the delicate skin of the eye to increase the amount of collagen which is created in the inner layers of the skin.

As a drawback, the sun protection within the skin is not as effective as many would like in an eye cream, with a minimum SPF of fifteen. Many other eye creams protect vigorously against the sun with protections of up to SPF 45.

The Benefits of Dermalogica Total Eye Care:

• Natural ingredients are used to protect against wrinkles and soothe the skin leading to less irritation which is experienced by those that have used the cream.

Did Dermalogica work?  Yes, but the best eye cream thus far is Elite Serum.

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