Decleor Excellence de L’Age Cream

Decleor Excellence de L’Age Regenerating Eye and Lip Cream is an effective way to regenerate the complete area of the eye and lip wrinkles. With the moisture that is provided to the eye area, wrinkles can be easily reduced.

Ingredients that are used within the eye and lip cream to create an effective line reducing formula include: white willow polyphenols and chamomile essential oils are used to create a combination of ingredients which can boost the antioxidants within the skin and allow the natural immune system within the skin to become activated.

The cream is formulated for mature skin, for skin that is over the age of fifty and therefore there is a small demographic when it comes to choosing this eye and lip cream. Women and men of a younger demographic would be best suited to choose another eye cream.

Benefits of Using Decleor Excellence de L’Age Regenerating Eye and Lip Cream:

•    Instant moisture is infused into the eye and lip area to reduce the signs of fine lines that can occur throughout these areas of delicate skin

•    The rich and creamy formula absorbs into the skin and provides the skin with the moisture necessary in order to reduce the signs of aging

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