Cosmesis Puffiness Remover Eye Serum

Cosmesis overhauled this product with a new formulation to better protect the skin around the eyes and remove the dark circles that can often appear with age. These new formulations included the signature combination of ingredients such as seaweed extract and Hyaluronic acid, which are formulated to remove puffiness that is caused by swelling as we sleep or become tired that can appear under the eyes, in the form of bags.

As a drawback to this combination, many customers feel that the serum is heavy when applied and therefore can impact the other products which are used on the face. It can be hard to apply makeup over the serum, meaning that the time in which it can be applied is reduced to the evening. It can be difficult to try and apply this serum in the morning, and then try to go on with the daily beauty routine as it is best applied to clean skin that is going to remain product free in order for the serum to take effect.

The Benefits of Cosmesis Puffiness Remover Eye Serum:

• Yeast protein and peptides are used to reduce the swelling that can occur under the eye, these are two effective ingredients which can be used to drastically reduce the appearance of bags from the moment that the serum is applied to the under eye area.

Cosmesis Puffiness Remover Eye Serum is aimed at reducing eye puffiness.  Elite Serum has been found as the best eye serum for puffy eyes.

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