C.O. Bigelow Multi-Nutrient Repair Serum

C.O. Bigelow Multi-Nutrient Repair Serum has the ability to repair the skin around the eye area, leading to healthier looking skin that has appeared rejuvenated once the serum has been applied to the skin. Filled with vitamins, nutrients and other components of healthy skin, the formulation can be used throughout the entire eye area, as well as throughout the entire face.

As a drawback, there are other ingredients which are additionally formulated to use throughout the eye area and therefore contain more concentrated ingredients which can be used to fight the signs of aging and fight fine lines and dark circles.

Benefits of Using C.O. Bigelow Multi-Nutrient Repair Serum:

•    Natural ingredients are used within the serum to increase the health and vitality of the skin. Through these natural ingredients, even those with highly sensitive or reactive skin can see positive results without the effects that come from using a variety of other skin creams and serums that have mainly chemical ingredients.

•    The cream can be used through the morning routine with ease, as the formula is weightless and non-greasy once applied to the skin. This way, it can be easily applied under make up or a variety of other products in the skin care routine.

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