C.O. Bigelow Eye De-Puff Gel

C.O. Bigelow Eye De-Puff Gel is the ultimate product that can soothe tired skin under the eye while reducing the puffiness that can lead to the development of fine lines. Great for use any time of the day, but especially in the morning to jump start the rejuvenated look that can come with bright eyes, the eye gel goes on smooth and light and can be used under a variety of other products within the skin care routine, even your daily cosmetics!

Olive oil extract is used to soothe the skin, while other ingredients are used to cool the areas throughout the eye that have succumbed to puffiness. Although olive oil can be used as an intensive hydration ingredient, those with oily skin may prefer a product that won’t lead to a buildup of excess oil within the skin.

Benefits of Using C.O. Bigelow Eye De-Puff Gel:

•    The lightweight formula can be applied under any type of product, with ease. The gel goes on super-smooth and is easy enough to apply with a finger.

•    The instant cooling sensation is perfect for tired eyes and can be used in the morning or even as a pick me up throughout those lazy afternoons that have been spent staring too long at a computer screen.

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