Clinique Advanced Stop Signs Eye SPF 15

The sun is one of the worst enemies of our skin. Although most parts of the skin are thick and can be easily protected with the use of oil based sunscreens, the skin around the eye is one of the thinnest layers of skin and therefore needs the extra protection from the harmful and drying UV rays that occur throughout the skin. With a sun protection factor of fifteen, the eye cream is much more effective at blocking the rays of the sun from the thin layers of skin around the eye. Clinique Advanced Stop Signs Eye SPF 15 can effectively block the UVA and UVB rays from entering the surrounding areas, therefore reducing the dryness that can be caused in the skin from exposure to sun.

Through effective rehydration techniques, in combination with the sun blocking technology which is used throughout the eye cream, wrinkles can be prevented and fine lines that are present in the skin can have a reduced appearance. Through the reduced appearance, the skin can appear healthier. Although this is an effective way to block the sun and protect the skin, there are many other eye creams and serums which offer maximum sun protection, with higher levels of ingredients which can help to reduce and turn back the signs of aging – so many customers prefer to use an all-in-one skin care regime.

Benefits of Using Clinique Advanced Stop Signs Eye SPF 15:

•    Advanced sun protection can help to reduce the moisture loss in the skin that comes from age and from exposure to the sun.

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