Badger Evolving Body Balm

Badger Evolving Body Balm

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Badger evolving body balm is created from natural ingredients which can effectively moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes, using a combination of all natural ingredients. Although the butter is labeled as body balm, it is suitable for use on the face and light enough to fight the wrinkles and fine lines, as well as excessive dryness without causing an oily buildup.

The light ingredients which are used in the body balm are effective for moisturizing the skin on the whole body, as well as moisturizing the delicate skin around the eye. There are many people that will seek an alternative type of eye cream that is more specified to the needs of aging skin, especially around the eyes.  Aside from this fact, although the ingredients are labelled as ‘mostly organic’ they are not gauranteed 100% so.

The Benefits to Using Badger Evolving Body Balm:

• The versatile balm can be used to fight fine lines from occurring around the eyes as well as fighting the signs of aging that can occur around the skin

• The balm is effective but is also very low in price for those seeking a cost effective solution that can be used to fight wrinkles and fine lines as well as increasing the moisture levels of the skin, including the face.

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  1. I pride myself on using products that are all natural. I want to take care of my body and skin! For a product that doesn’t claim to do one specific thing, it works fine. I wouldn’t use it specifically for eye issues though. If you’re looking for a specific eye cream, try something else. The Body Balm is not for you.

  2. I felt this product was a good moisturizer but like Alma mentioned, it is not specialized at all. I have fairly oily skin and the balm helped a bit but it did nothing for the dark circles under my eyes.

  3. I was looking for a more specialize product. The Badger Body Balm seems more like a general moisturizer. It’s great that it’s all natural and made from mostly natural ingredients but I didn’t feel it lived up to my expectations. It’s frustrating. I really want to find a product that works and is good for my skin long term.

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