Apivita Express Eye Zone Mask

Apivita Express Eye Zone Mask with Gingko Biloba is an effective eye mask that uses moisture infusing ingredients to tone the complete area of the eye. IN as little as ten minutes, twice a week, the skin around the eye area can appear moisturized and rejuvenated – and even younger and healthier.

Gingko Biloba extract is used to increase the circulation throughout the eye area. Increased circulation can have many benefits throughout the skin around the eye, including increasing the moisture levels beneath the delicate skin which surrounds the eye, as well as increasing
circulation which can help to increase the collagen production within the skin which can lead to toned and firmer skin as well as reducing fine lines through the moisture infused patches.

Benefits of Using Apivita Express Eye Zone Mask with Gingko Biloba:

•    Dark circles that come with age can be immediately reduced in as little as a couple of treatments through the increased moisture levels which can be seen throughout the mask.

•    The mask is easy to apply to the eye area and the packaging allows for the easiest application through the use of individualized portions of the products.

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