Ajara Ayurvedic Beauty Eye Butter

Organic ingredients are used within the Ajara Ayurvedic Beauty Eye Butter include the use of sandalwood, organic lemon, lavender and rose. These organic ingredients are unlike other eye butters which can appear heavy on the skin under the eye, and therefore the light cream can be used throughout the eye area with ease, without the risk of creating a heavy layer of product which can exist on the delicate skin of the eye.

The eye butter is an effective way to provide the much needed moisture to the eye area and fight against wrinkles that have been developed in the skin and fine lines that are on the verge of appearing.

The natural ingredients have a distinct fragrance and therefore many people that have chosen the eye cream would have fared better with a fragrance free eye butter that would be more suitable for those seeking a natural ingredients to relieve their sensitive skin.

The Benefits of Using Ajara Ayurvedic Beauty Eye Butter:

• Unlike other products, Ajara Eye Butter is used to create a soft and light experience through the eye area.

See how this beauty eye butter ranks vs. the best eye wrinkle treatment.

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