As this site updates constantly, we will post eye cream reviews from time to time.  It’s important to know how eye creams are reviewed, or what makes a good analysis of an eye cream.  Eye creams are all marketed differently as they are made by a handful of global companies.  However, they normally stay constant in making the below claims as part of what their products claim to do:

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines
  • Reduce the appearance of sunspots & damaged skin
  • Lower presence of dark circles under the eyes
  • Reduce look of bags under the eyes
  • Reduce the appearance of eye wrinkles, crows feet
  • Moisturize skin and give it a smoother texture

Some will add other benefits that an eye cream will give off when used properly, but in general, they help make you “look younger”.

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Or, continue reading the important factors to weigh in when reading about eye creams in general.

Eye creams are best reviewed by looking at the following characteristics.

Results. Before anything, does the eye cream work at treating the above aging symptoms?  If an eye cream does not work, the rest of the characteristics can be ignored.  First and foremost, an eye cream must work in order to be viewed in a positive light.  If it doesn’t work, why even bother purchasing an eye cream?

Ingredients. Most of the time you CAN judge an eye cream by it’s ingredients list.  Of course, there is a disclaimer with that statement.  The results can and will be affected by the levels of  concentration of each active ingredient.  Most eye creams contain a solid core base of ingredients and tweak the formula with new ingredients once medical research shows they will add positive effects to the eye cream.  When eye creams start with a core base of ingredients, which usually starts with hyaluronic acid, it’s on the right path. Adding ingredients that display clinical studies after that is like icing on the cake and is what separates the best eye creams from the rest.

Reputation. How does the company react to customer service issues?  Are they quick to make up for any errors?

There is also one industry-wide gold standard which helps judge makers of skin and beauty products:

In this day of using more sales channels, almost every skin care product, like eye creams, are available for sale in one way or another on allows a third party to police and govern all transactions, so it’s the ultimate “safe buying spot” for consumers.  Check out the eye cream you are buying on  If it has good feedback, good ratings, and reviews, you can pretty much trust those as they are verified buyers in most cases.

If the company or brand has any negative marks, what are they?  Are they about the product?  If so, do they identify exactly what wasn’t up to expectations or do they just make general, blanket statements? Did the company reply and try to rectify any situations that arose from naturally doing business?

These are all things that can be read up on before purchasing eye creams.  Be a smart consumer, and do your due diligence. is a great place to read trustworthy eye cream reviews.

Manufacturer. If you look around, a lot of the eye creams out there are NOT made by large companies.  Of course, Proctor & Gamble and other major corporations do have product lines in the industry, but the majority of companies marketing products in this industry are much smaller and virtually unknown.  The marketing company does not have a lot of bearing on how eye creams should be reviewed, although positive feedback on items such as customer service and fulfillment is always good.  It’s best to dig deep into the eye cream and see where it is manufactured.  This is important on several levels.  First and foremost, USA-made products are subject to strict guidelines.  Each manufacturing facility in the USA is monitored by the FDA and State Health Board, and subject to routine inspection.  If a product is made outside the USA, they are not subject to the same process.

Keep those points in mind as you review eye creams on your own.  With a good education on eye creams, you can weed out a lot of pretenders and find the best eye cream for you at a much quicker rate.  Of course, as science evolves and more anti-aging companies release new eye creams, you can count on, the authority on eye creams, to keep you updated as to the latest eye cream news.

So, after all of the eye cream reviews on this site, what eye cream did we find that worked best?  Click here to see the best eye cream.